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About Jasmine Kara

Jasmine Kara was born in a small Swedish town to an Iranian father and a Swedish mother.
Jasmine started performing at talent shows early in life and took every chance she could to get up on the stage. Writing, singing and performing was all she wanted to do, music was her muse and life ahead seemed beautiful for the Jasmine.

Then her life took a dramatic turn. In her mid-teens she fell in love for the first time. But this love soon turned out to be everything but an innocent teenage love affair. Jasmine quickly found herself trapped in the most abusive and destructive relationship imaginable. She started sinking deeper and deeper in a spiral of violence and self harm, losing her music and losing herself completely. This very dark period almost cost her her life.

But when she had reached her absolute lowest depth of misery – a miracle happened. Someone handed her a guitar. And as soon as she started strumming it, she remembered how good music used to make her feel. How music is a healer. And she realised that music was the only thing that could save her.
Shortly thereafter Jasmine decided to break up and leave. She left home, she left the town she grew up in, the relationship that almost killed her – her old life altogether, in search for a new. She started travelling the world, determined to find a way to make a living as a performing artist.


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